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Infrared Therapy Gloves, Natural, Safe, Non-Invasive

Quality, durable Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared therapy products
for natural pain relief from chronic Arthritic pain, Raynaud’s symptoms and other joint pain.

Far Infrared Therapy Arthritis Gloves, Raynaud’s Phenomenon Gloves, Therapy Socks, Joints Support Bands, Therapy Scarves


Natural, Safe, Non-Invasive, Infrared Therapy

Soothing Far Infrared heat

Far Infrared gently elevates tissue temperatures to increase blood circulation. This stimulates tissue and joint regeneration for natural, safe and non-invasive remedy of arthritic pain and Raynaud’s symptoms.

Non-invasive pain relief, Arthritis, Raynaud's Phenomenon, Carpal Tunnel, Blood Circulation

Quality Therapy Clothing

Breathable Bio-Ceramics fabric, lightweight knit and medium elasticity are some of the many features our therapeutic products offer. Designed for durability and slim fit comfort.

How Far Infrared Therapy Works

Far Infrared Therapy Theory Concept

Successful Therapy


Within 2 days of wearing the Veturo arthritis gloves I stopped all over-the-counter oral and topical meds. I no longer splint my fingers at night. I just wear your amazing gloves. My body knows when I take the gloves off and starts begging for them to be back on after 20 minutes. I am recommending them to anyone suffering from arthritis in the fingers. THANK YOU!

- Chris F. - Winchester, NH, USA

My daughter in law bought me the finger-less gloves and I must tell you that these gloves are the best things I have ever had. I have such sore hands that I couldn’t pick up anything with my forefinger and thumb until I used the gloves and in just two days the pain has subsided to the point that I can pick up things with very little pain. Thank you!

- Linda H. – Malakwa, BC, Canada

I injured my knee last year in an exercise class. I started using the knee band and after 3 days of wearing it throughout the day and night, my knee pain disappeared. Once in a while when I overuse my knee, the pain returns. I wear the band for a day and its back to normal. I love it.

- Mona C. - Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Therapy Gloves are a Natural Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the joints. Patients with RA have physical impairments compared with a healthy person because their affected joints become painful, stiff and deformed. Wearing therapy gloves has been recommended by occupational therapists as one of the alternative treatment methods for rheumatoid arthritis. The hand symptoms such as …

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