Infrared Fleece Gloves 405 Grip

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Our Infrared Fleece Gloves 405 (just grip, no touchscreen) give your cells more oxygen, increase local blood flow and help regulate your hand temperature which is the key to beat cold hands symptoms. Powered by Infrared Technology, the gloves capture and convert body heat/energy into infrared light which helps keep your hands warmer in colder climates. The infrared fleece gloves are proven to enhance body’s natural healing process and recover faster with no side effects. Ideal for sufferers of Raynaud’s disease, arthritis, cold hands or anyone who prefer to keep hands warm, dry and healthy. Sold in pairs.


Infrared Fleeced Gloves sizes are based on the length of the hand.

Size Centimeters Inches
All sizes are unisex
X-Small 17 cm 6.75″
Small 17.5 cm 7″
Medium 18 cm 7.25″
Large 19 cm 7.50″
X-Large 20 cm 8″

How to Measure


IR Responsive Gloves Made for Comfort and Better Circulation

WARM & COZY – Fabric Feels Soft on Skin and Keeps you Warm

These Infrared Fleece Gloves are made for comfort while fleece fabric is a unique thermal fabrication designed to create warmth without weight. Touch capacitive fingertips feature has been removed for these fleeced gloves version 405 to avoid the cooler effect sometimes a tech-touch print fabric gives to the wearer. Extended smooth wrist cuff increases coverage for secure fit and the dot grip silicone technology makes the gloves safe for driving or extra grip in various occasions.

The gloves combine function, optimal comfort and a great fit to help reduce the symptoms of cold hands, hand pain, weak or arthritic hands, and soothe stiff joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The infrared energy created by our fleece fabric at contact with the skin stimulates cell performance and regeneration, while the increased circulation revitalizes the skin to help return to the action faster and perform stronger.


Infrared Fleece Gloves have been engineered by scientists to increase oxygenation and glycogen storage in the blood, which is proven to both boost the energy available in your blood to keep your whole body performing its best, and to boost post-exercise recovery. Great for physical activities/running, hiking, walking, exercises or daily routine. Use them for relief, prevention and recovery.

Infrared Fleece Gloves can be used as a standalone layer which is soft and not bulky or as a liner under heavier winter gloves (mittens recommended) in extreme cold to get the benefits of infrared technology.


Raynaud’s sufferers, cold hands, rheumatoid arthritis. Beneficial for people with diabetes, carpal tunnel as a non-splint option, repetitive motion injury, poor circulation, sensitivity to cold, or anyone who prefers a soft fleece glove featuring far infrared responsive fabric.


  • Increased local micro-circulation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Stimulate tissue regeneration
  • Help prevent cold hands symptoms
  • Increased strength/mobility
  • Pain, stiffness & inflammation relief


  • Full finger design for full protection
  • Comfortable next-to-skin fit
  • Extended cuff to protect the wrist
  • Silicone microdots palm for extra grip
  • Moisture wicking for enhanced comfort
  • Soft fleece fabric IR responsive
To find the best fit of your Infrared Gloves measure from the point of the wrist to the end of the middle finger. This measurement is your “hand length” glove size.

Size Centimeters Inches
All sizes are unisex
X-Small 17 cm 6.75″
Small 17.5 cm 7″
Medium 18 cm 7.25″
Large 19 cm 7.50″
X-Large 20 cm 8″

Infrared Fleece Gloves are made from a superior infrared fabric, soft and warm to keep your hands dry and comfortable. A unique combination of 56% FIR (minerals/bio-ceramics) Polyester, 37% Polyester, 7% Spandex tested for durability and effectiveness.
  • Wash at 30C/86F
  • Do not tumble dry
Our fleece full finger gloves with grip harness the power of infrared thread to retain the heat, making them ideal if you suffer from Raynaud’s disease or if you’re generally more sensitive to cold. They are made for comfort giving you better circulation, temperature regulation and oxygenation.

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Weight 54 g


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2 reviews for Infrared Fleece Gloves 405 Grip

  1. Backpacker

    I love these gloves! I use them in 2 ways: 1) As an avid backpacker who trains 6 days a week, I use these gloves to warm my hands up post-workout. 2) Also, as someone with an autoimmune disease, my hands & fingers get cold when the rest of my body is warm. So, I use them at work when my hands start to get cold and bother me.
    These gloves are so warm and yet, so thin. They’re awesome! Perfect for pre/post workout, work, etc. Seriously, excellent gloves!

  2. Backpacker

    Amazing gloves! I use them in two ways: 1) As an avid backpacker who trains 6 days a week, I use them to warm up my hands after hiking. 2) Also, as someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease, my hands and fingers will get very cold when the rest of me is warm. I use them to warm my hands while working.
    The fabric is so warm and yet so thin. These are the best gloves I have ever had for post-exercise & for work! Excellent!

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